Archivist by day, knitter by night.

After a days work is done and the kids have gone to bed, I pick up my yarn and start knitting. Actually, that’s a damn lie. I knit whenever I have 5 spare minutes.

I also like to think I have green fingers and like to garden. I think I’m lucky I occasionally make something grow!

Also there is baking and cooking, I love to bake and cook and I do a pretty decent job of it.

Because of the baking and cooking, I need to run so I won’t go into complete overflow (outgrow all of my clothes). I quite like running though, once I manage to untangle myself from my spiderweb of yarn. You see things when you run, deer, rabbits, nature and according to some, wolves. Yes there are wolves in my running habitat, but I pant so bad I probably scare them away long before i’m able to catch a glimpse.